SSL And Website Security

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SSL And Website Security

Securing your website is one of the essential elements for business companies. Emeritus is giving your business a secure start and the best solution to your problems. We are proposing automatic PKI solutions that will help to secure your business websites, applications, digital identities, and connected devices.

We are also providing some products related to it like

  • SSL, TLS certificate
  • PCI scanning
  • CodeGurad website recovery and backup

About SSL/TLS certificates

These certificates are basically the data files that combine a cryptographic key to the complete detail of the organization. When this certificate is installed on your server, then it will give you a secure connection between different web servers and browsers. The website’s URL is secured with the help of padlock that can be seen on the address bar and this bar will change colour according to the threat.

We are giving these services for securing your website from unwanted threats and gains customer’s trust. Basically, we are providing many certificates it’s totally up to you which certificate you will choose for your website. There are some highlights of these certificates.

Single domain certificate

It will allow your website to secure your one fully qualified domain name.

Multi-domain certificates

This certificate will help your website to secure multiple domains. Like only one MDC will be used to secure some domain like secure domain 1com, domain, domain, and many others.

Wildcard certificate

This is the most important certificate of the website because it will secure a single domain with other infinity subdomains. For example, if this certificate is for so it would be used to secure,, or

Extended validation certificates

These certificates can be used for providing a maximum level of security, customer conversation and trust for online business. This certificate will minimize the hacking threat completely by an EV certificate that contains a unique differentiator for communicating with customers in a secure manner. Whenever someone uses that website, the address bar will turn into green.

Certificate manager

The role of a certificate manager is to discover private and public certificates across different networks to provide you with a secure connection. Our website is giving lifecycle management, renewal and replacement as per customer’s demand.

Email certificates

We are also providing another certificate solution for digitally sign the application, email communication, and other software programs.

Website backup and recovery through CodeGurad

We are here, to track each change and also then restore the side with any previous version. For huge businesses, we are also providing malware removal and automatic detection.

IoT manager

This is one of the most emerging fields in the field of IT. This is the reason why it contains many threats. But when you are on our website, then you can easily hire an IoT manager. The manager will provide the best trusted mutual authentication solution to your problems in an efficient way. We will also enable a secure build out a scale for their IoT ecosystem. This will manage all things.

Website PCI

If you wanted to ensure your compliance through PCI, then it is a simple and automatic way to do it. This is also approved by the PCI security standards council.